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Broncos take out the Cowboys in extra time Thriller

  • Broncos take out the Cowboys in extra time Thriller

"This can't be happening again" was all anyone could say and well, I couldn't say a thing. It was the nightmare Broncos fans had hoped they wouldn't have to relive anytime soon with scores locked at 20 all after a few controversial calls in the first 80. Four nailbiting minutes into extra time and Anthony Milford slots a field goal from 40m out. Brisbane can sleep satisfied!

The game had a slow start with the Cowboys conceding 3 penalties and giving Brisbane the extra 6 point lead in the opening minutes.

It was a classy line break by new recruit James Roberts that put Milford over the line and Brisbane first on the try scoring board.

A try was disallowed to Broncos forward Matt Gillett after the Bunker ruled he lost the ball and the Cowboys too were given a red light try with Redfern ruling Ethan Lowe was held up.

Brisbane might have had a 12-0 lead but it was a quick dummy half try by Jake Granville in the 28th minute that put the Cowboys on the board to make it 12-6 at the break.

Another penalty goal to Brisbane early in the second half gave fans something breathing space but once again, the Cowboys turned it up a gear.

Momentum shifted and the Broncos spent the better half of ten minutes attacking in the Cowboys 50 with North Queensland looking dangerous.

Jonathan Thurston had his golden boots on once again by slotting halves partner, Michael Morgan under the post in rebounding style. Just minutes later, a well rehearsed play saw the same two halves put Lowe back over the line for a green light 4 pointer - Cowboys now lead 18-14.

With less than ten on the clock it was now or never for Brisbane. Straight out of a scrum at Brisbane's 20m line, superstar Anthony Milford darted through the Cowboys left hand side and an offload to Roberts saw 'Jimmy-The-Jet' sprint 45m to give the home side a two point lead.

It it wouldn't be a Broncos verse Cowboys game if it didn't go down to the siren, an offside penalty to the Cowboys just 10m from the post assured that Thurston would avenge his goal kicking demons.

Full time. 20 all. I'm exhausted.

A few nervous sets early in extra time saw scrums and penalty kicks and just when we all thought JT was going to break Brisbane's heart once more, they go for a try. Had JT not missed a tackle Kyle Feldt would have been over in his October style for sure however the officials in Refern ruled the regather was knocked on by JT himself.

In the left corner and just 10 out from the Cowboys line, seconds left on the clock and a few quick play the balls put Milford in prime position. 40 meters out, seconds to go, Milford boots it and is rightfully Brisbane's new hero.

Field goal once again, Broncos win 21-20.

A successful night for everyone. Ben Hunt caught the kick off, JT can kick a goal when it really counts and the Broncos CAN beat the Cowboys in extra time.

It was the most nailbiting 84 and a bit minutes of footy purely because there was no way I was dealing with that heart break once again - especially not to another field goal!

A few controversial calls, a few concerning injuries but all in all a quick, quality game of finals style footy and it's only round 4.

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